Design Workshops
At Studio Carbon, we believe in taking our practices and methodologies to the masses to ensure a Design driven future. We have been a part of engaging Design Dialogues amongst young minds in schools and growing leaders at IIM-A, giving us a unique stand in dealing with various age groups and demographs.
Design Thinking workshop at IIM-Ahmedabad
The workshop saw a turnover of around 300+ enthusiastic Management students and were introduced to the idea of Design thinking in a very interactive environment with our studio members. The workshop later progressed in group activities and a series of Q&A sessions.
A Design Thinking Workshop on Space Debris
The workshop was held on Earth Day 2018 to also spread awareness of Space Debris and its possible effects. The Students were introduced to methodologies which resulted in churning  several interesting ideas and concepts some of which were showcased to the scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)
Creativity Test
Studio carbon played a key-role in strategizing and developing tests to find the brightest and creative students. The test was done in collaboration with Vikram A Sarabhai Commuity Science Centre. This has further strengthened our capabilities in working with the younger generation through unique approaches.

Designing your Life Workshop
We designed and conducted a “Design your life“ workshop for the Executive Program students of IIM-Ahmedabad, mid-career individuals looking for a chance to reflect amidst a demanding curriculum at the institute. 
The workshop was designed to help them identify their life's biggest pain-point, and find answers within them to resolve it. Once the participants discovered the possibility of a solution to their problem, they used fundamentals of design thinking to ideate, prototype, test and finalize one solution.
Design Thinking Workshop at ISRO
The workshop was held with a group of eminent scientists from the Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad. We introduced them to Design thinking and methodologies which could be used to solve issues relevant to Space applications. The participants used quick brainstorming and concept development methods to come up with innovative ideas in order to tackle the problem of Orbital Space Debris.